Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More lights.

Sorry still not very clear, I am not so good at Photography.

Christmas lights

Sorry, it is a bit dark, but I hope you can see them.
Some of the light in my front Garden.


Joanna putting on the finishing touches.

More Snow and Joanna

This is my Neigbour Joanna, helping to make the Snowman.

Snow In the front

My Hero, Neighbour Steve in the front Garden

Skating on Ice

One of mt Favourite cards to make.
I did have to take my time Colouring in.
I was pleased with the end product.I think.LOL

Ponsietta, One of my last cards made.

This is the last card I made, Then I ound I had to quickly make some more.

Caroline from Cologne

Caroline from Cologne
Stamp The Queens Dresser Drawers


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Enjoy Lifes Moment

Enjoy Lifes Moment
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