Saturday, 4 April 2009

Beautiful page from Hazel

Second page from Hazel is just a beautiful as the first.
I am so thrilled to have these pages to put in my Deco book.

page from Hazel B/W deco

This is the first page for my book from Hazel.
A really stunning start for me.
Thank you Hazel, it is lovely.

Inside my front cover.

This is my black and white inside cover.

My Drco book Front Cover

This is the Front of my Deco book
My subject, or theme was Black
and White.I think it always stand out nice and clear.

Mary's Deco book.

This is the Inside of the back
of the back cover to my Deco.

Marys Deco Book

This is the back cover I made
for my own Deco Book.

Wendy,s pages Children.

Wendy wondered how many shoes I could get into her pages of Children.LOL If you count all the Children in the Class room I think I have done fairly well.

Wild life for Susan(Min.)

I found this Deco book a hard one to make.
I am not into Animals, so I did not have many stamps to play with,
But I do hope Min will like them

Second Deco Page for Hazel.

This is the second page I made for Hazel.
The stamp was designed by Jo. On our group, and Carol from Stampattack is lucky enough to be selling them.
They are beautiful stamps.

Oriental Deco Page for Hazel

Hazel chose Oriental for her pages, I hope she likes these.
I love making Oriental cards, and ATC's.

Jenny's second Deco page.

This is the second Deco Page I made for Jenny.
I love working with the Childre themes, so much you can do.
Hope Jenny likes them.

Page one for Jenny's Deco book.

This is the first page for Jenny's
Deco. Called Children Each person chooses the size
and subject.

Deco pages made by Mary

These are 2 pages I made to send to Carol Guttman who belongs
On our group at Katy's Corner.
It is 2 pages for her Deco Book, Called things you find relaxing.
I hope you Like it Carol.

Caroline from Cologne

Caroline from Cologne
Stamp The Queens Dresser Drawers


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